A) Aluminum Collar Damper

This type is similar to the adjustable single-deflection grille, except that the vanes are not adjustable. The vanes may be straight or set an angle. The angle at which the air is discharged from this grille depends on the type of deflection vanes. Drywall (ceiling, wall) used for hard ceiling applications and duct systems.

  • Material-Extruded aluminum 6063-T6
  • Finish-Powder coated
  •  Air Pattern – 00 and 15 deg
  • Nominal Size-600 maximum

B) Mild Steel Collar Damper

These can be attached to the backs of grilles as separate units in the duct. adjacent blades of this damper rotate in opposite directions and many receive air from any direction made out Mild steel sheet.

  •  Material-Galvanized steel sheet
  • Finish-Black Painted
  • Air Pattern- constant air volume
  •  Nominal Size-600 maximum

C) Radial Blade damper

Radial blade damper provides airflow adjustment at the diffuser or plenum neck. Volume control blades move simultaneously in opposite directions.

  •  Material-Galvanized steel sheet
  • Finish-Powder coated
  •  Air Pattern – Fixed
  •  Nominal Size-300, 400, 500, 600 Maximum